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Receive up to 50% Credit
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Utility Rate Hikes

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Reduce pollution & lower your carbon footprint. You can make a difference for today and tomorrow.

Did You Know?

The amount of sunshine that hits the surface of the earth, every hour is greater than the total amount of energy that the world human population consumes in a year.

Solar Products

We carry products and systems from today's leading solar manufacturers including:

What are people saying?

"It's so great having one less bill to pay!"
-Tyrone Johnson, Long Beach, CA
"It's so good to give back to the environment."
- Laura Calloway, Simi Valley, CA
"My factory has a $8,400 monthly expense. Solar has saved me thousands!"
- Sean Green, Los Angeles, CA
"It's so good to give back to the environment."
- Laura Calloway, Simi Valley, CA
"I have had my solar system now for a year and my electric bill has been reduced almost every month"
"In the summer months, my electric bill is almost cut in half."
"We love seeing the meter run backwards."
"One of the many features this system has is the ability to add panels in the future without having to increase the size of the inverter."
"Our electric bill is still negative, even though the weather has been foggy!"
"I really like the cost savings on our electric bill."
"I can't think of another home improvement that has been more rewarding!"
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